Handing over of homes in Singapore

Just finished moving home and i had to hand over my old home to the owner. One of the stuff that you really need to ask your home owner when you are renting the place is if they would allow you to drill holes in the wall. Apparently mine was not pleased and i am required to patch up all the holes (more than 50 since we had loads of photos to hang) before we hand over the home back to the owner in 3 days time. If we had failed to meet the deadline, we had to pay another month of rent.

Frankly, we found this ridiculous. Still there was not much we can do except to try and get the work done. On the bright side is we managed to engage a handyman we are pleased with. They managed to squeeze us in to their tight schedule due to our deadline (the rest just kept delaying the appointment date). You can find their them at www.sincerehomeservices.com should you need a handyman or plumber (they solved a choke in my sink too).

Anyway back to the main story, the guys from sincere home came solve our problem and helped us with the installation of some stuff in our new home and the dust has finally settled. Will try to post pictures of our new home soon. For those whom know us personally, a house warming is around the corner :)

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